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Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention  

Bullying is typically a form of repeated, persistent and aggressive behaviour directed at an individual or individuals that is intended to cause (or should be known to cause) fear and distress and/or harm to another person’s body, feelings, self-esteem, or reputation. Bullying occurs in a context where there is a real or perceived power imbalance.  For a more detailed explanation and differences between bullying, rough play, and conflict, please see page 4 and 5 of the HDSB Bullying Prevention and Intervention Admin Procedure

Website Resources:
Many bullying prevention resources for parents are available online. The following
websites feature additional links to other bullying and victimization prevention strategies websites.  

PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network) is a national
network of Canadian researchers, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and
governments committed to stop bullying. The site offers a wide range of resources for
educators, parents, and community members.  

Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only free, national, bilingual, confidential and anonymous,
24-hour telephone and on-line counseling service for kids and teens.  

Bullying.org’s purpose is to prevent bullying in our society through education and
awareness. The site provides educational programs and resources to individuals, families, educational institutions and organizations. They make available on-line learning and educational resources in order to help people deal effectively and positively with the act of bullying and its long-lasting negative consequences.  

This site is maintained by the Positive School Ethos Program at the University of
Edinburgh in Scotland. It provides tips for dealing with a variety of difficult situations
and shares testimonials from famous people who overcame bullying.